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What Are The Features of Auxbeam LED Lights?
Almost the Auxbeam LED lights bring a great experience for all users; with its ability will not makes you disappointed. When you buy it and use it, the brilliant light will come to you, so you should be careful and should avoid look at the LED in direct way.... Read more
Auxbeam 52 inch PHILIPS curved LED light bar review
The new series 52 inch PHILIPS curved LED light bar review is about one of their more popular long lights that fit perfectly across a full-size truck windshield, roll bar or roof rack. Just the size alone with its double row design and 100 powerful LEDs is enough to... Read more
New series super bright LED driving light with 2 modes beam
Most of the headlights installed in our vehicles are halogen and HID lights, but they also have very obvious problems, such as insufficient lighting, higher power consumption, etc. Due to the continuous development in recent years, LED lights have been widely used on household lighting and industrial lighting because... Read more
New LED light bar from Auxbeam with compact size and durability
A new LED light bar released by Auxbeam Lighting gives operators a powerful and compact source of illumination capable of withstanding extreme operating conditions. The 54″ 312W PHILIPS curved spot & flood dual row off road LED light bar can handle abusive wet work conditions and produces over 30000... Read more