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Thermal Design of LED lights
It is known that LED light is a kind of semiconductor that can invert electric energy into visible light. It adopts the electric light rather than the light principle of incandescent lights depending on tungsten and energy-saving lamp depending on tri-phosphor, which is light emitting diode. According to the... Read more
Is LED the future for automotive lighting applications?
Many vehicle drivers are always upset by the insufficient light from their headlights or taillights, which will provide poor visibility on the road, making the driving more dangerous. Especially at night, the strong glare from the other vehicles coming from the opposite direction will make the drivers feel nervous... Read more
What is behind the colorful LED rainbow?
According to a report, about a quarter of electricity consumption in the world owes to lights. As the newest generation of lights, LEDs can produce more lumens per watt, consume less energy and have longer life expectancy, which has won these products a good reputation and led the trend in... Read more
Prevailing and profitable LED streetlights
Now there are more and more LED lights, for example, household bulbs, decorations, toys and TV. It seems that many LED lights are indoors. Then how about outdoors? What kind of outdoor lighting is flourishing? MidAmerica announced that it would replace 100,000 streetlights in Iowa with LED lights. The... Read more
What Is LED Daytime Running Light? Why Vehicles Need It?
What is LED daytime running light? LED daytime running light is a kind of special light which will be turned on when the car engine is started, no matter in daytime or at night. What it can do is to be as a signal light, which can let other... Read more
Good News! Auxbeam Lighting Have NEW Tricks
It is generally believed that LED light pattern is fixed. Fog lights can be just installed to improve the visibility in rainy or stormy days for drivers. Daytime driving lights can only make the vehicles to be seen. However, Auxbeam lighting wants to do some new tricks to innovate... Read more
LED driving lights without dazzling glare
When you are walking or driving on the road at night, the street lamps may make you feel safe and bright. But is that enough? Maybe we feel like having more warmness and courtesy from the oncoming cars. However, what if the oncoming car has an intense headlight to... Read more
The Development of Automobile Lights
What is the most important electric appliance in a car? Definitely the lights. If there is no automobile light, no one can drive his car smoothly at night. There is no doubt that high quality light source add safeguard to our road trip at night. In this case, better light source... Read more
Cree and Epistar Patent Cross-Licensing, Win-Win Strategy
On 4th August, Cree released the news that it had signed major LED patent cross-licensing agreement with Epistar corporate. In the agreement, they will obtain license to all nitride-based-LED patents owned by each and some non-nitride-based patents as well. Detailed terms such as definite patents and any technology transfer... Read more
LEDs are ideal for industrial lighting applications
LED lighting for industrial application is accepted by more and more people. Because it has unique characteristics, such as lower power consumption, better heat dissipation and longer lifespan. These features make them very popular and become the lighting technology of choice.   LEDs are more durable, reliable and don’t... Read more