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–written by Auxbeam Customer Dear Auxbeam, I wanted to share my personal story of purchasing and owning Auxbeam products. Till date I have purchased... Me and My Auxbeam Lights

–written by Auxbeam Customer

Dear Auxbeam, I wanted to share my personal story of purchasing and owning Auxbeam products. Till date I have purchased two sets of LED lights bulbs one each of F-16 and S3 series and a C3 Series 23 inch light bar. The entire experience has been a roller coaster ride for me with its share of pit falls, nerving, exhilarating and exciting moments.

Polo 3

C3 light bar

To begin with let me give you a bit of a background about myself, I live in India and own a 2012 VW Polo Sedan. Now if someone who has been to India would know driving in India is a challenge by itself and the best of skilled drivers can at times find it intimidating. The driving experience can even get risky and dangerous at times in some places at night with poorly lit unpaved roads. So frankly ever since I bought my car in 2012 I was never satisfied with its light output since the car came with standard fitted 55 Watt halogen bulbs, which for the love of life are just not good enough for safe driving at night. Hence I was always on the lookout for a reliable practical solution to improve my cars rather average light output. Over the years I tried various options from upgrading to 100 watt halogen bulbs, Xenon HID bulbs, but they all came with their share of drawbacks and shortfalls, the halogen bulbs wouldn’t last long enough plus the added heat discharge of the 100 watt bulb would damage the headlight reflector/lenses. The HID were a step better but somehow not being custom made for the VW Polo headlight reflector it had dark spots scattered around the beam nor were they reliable and could go of anytime abruptly. Then as I continued my search I was always intrigued by how bright the latest generation BMW and Audi lights were, which made me wonder what goes into them that makes them so bright and white, my research took me in the right direction of LED bulbs the type of lights I had all this while been desperately looking for. It was an eye opener and a steep learning curve to know how amazing and efficient the LED technology is, so now I knew which kind of bulbs I needed, the question remained from where and how to get them.

Polo 2

C3 light bar

My first obvious choice to search for product solutions was Amazon online, which had a host of LED products, the list was overwhelming and exhaustive with plethora of brands and makes which exist out there to pick from, only to make picking the right one which best suited my needs a task in itself. I must have gone through a month of research studying reviews, online comparisons, videos etc to finally narrow down to Auxbeam as the perfect choice. Auxbeam, I have to give them credit for surviving and succeeding in such a watertight highly competitive LED lights market they surely know what they are doing and know there job well enough to deliver the right products which suits everyone’s needs. So in theory my need was simple I needed an H4 replacement LED bulb kit and possibly a light bar.

Now that I knew what I wanted and from whom, came the aspect of purchase and delivery, which by the way living India brought its on set of limitations, like amazon India having limited Auxbeam products and Amazon US not willing to deliver to India. That’s when I decided to contact Auxbeam directly and try my luck and to my surprise they were more than welcoming, supportive and very helpful in the entire purchase and delivery process. I don’t think there are many American Light company unlike Auxbeam which deliver directly to their customers overseas in international markets especially in India and have their complete support staff to deal with international buyers. Auxbeam is so good they have a live chat provision, their staff is prompt to response to emails and messages. This gave me a lot of reassurance in the brand and I felt comfortable knowing I was in safe hands. During my interaction with the customer support staff I found them very polite and patient in dealing with my queries even though I didn’t make it easy for them with my long list of questions.  Auxbeam were willing to home deliver my online purchase, the only downside which I had to deal with was customs duty and courier charge since it was an international delivery.  But all I had to do was give them my address and make the online payment for my items to be delivered.


Polo 1

C3 light bar

Even though Auxbeam extended all possible help in my first purchase with them it came with its own challenges, well firstly I choose the busiest time of the year to make my purchase just before Christmas so I guess some issues can be expected. My first purchase was a 23 inch 5D LED light bar only to be told it was the most popular item and was out stock, but Auxbeam was very kind they upgraded me to a C3 series light bar with a discount which worked out to be quite a sweet deal at the time. The purchase was one aspect of the busy season added by the delivery which also had some issues and almost got delayed because of the holidays, but with all due respect to the Auxbeam staff they followed up the delivery with the courier company all throughout its transit till the day it was delivered, even on their day off I was getting feedback and updates from them on my delivery status, much appreciate their efforts for it at the time.


Now with the purchase and deliver done came the challenge of installing it, now even though Auxbem has lots of useful installation videos for reference, they all have one thing in common which I didn’t have an SUV/truck. I was attempting to install a LED light bar in an sedan which originally had no provision for mounting a light bar, but luckily with a few trial and errors and little help from my local car workshop I was able to custom build a set of brackets which we welded on to the cars main frame and I had what seemed like a feasible location in front of the car bonnet to install my new light bar (I am attaching a few pictures for reference). The best part about the whole installation process was, Auxbeam provided the necessary nuts bolts and mounting tools complete with a wiring harness and an easy mount switch which made my life a lot easier.


The C3 series light bar is so bright and white, it almost makes night in into day. To the point I think it’s almost blinding to the oncoming driver because of which I am very careful where I use it. Which then brought me to my second problem I still needed to upgrade my headlight bulbs since I couldn’t always use the light bar in regular city driving conditions and well it was Auxbeam again to the rescue, Auxbeam had recently launched their F16 series led bulbs which to me sounded like the perfect solution to my problem. Having had a successful first purchase I was all excited for my next buy the LED bulbs, Auxbeam had custom fits for all types of bulbs and my H4 types seemed just right for me. The purchase and delivery went smoothly as planned.  All looked perfect until I finally installed the bulbs and turned them on only to find the light not bright enough, which at first was very disappointing especially having spent the extra money to import them all the way.  On making a closer analysis I realized the light was bright, but it was my reflector which was not suited to the bulb type, it was leaving dark patches in the beam in front. It simply meant the bulb type needed a change. Thankfully Auxbeam has multiple bulb design options to suit all our needs, after a closer analysis I found the S3 series bulbs to be better, brighter and with its unique three luminous faces an ideal match for my cars headlight.

I was aware of the Auxbeam refund policy so was hopeful they will help me out and take back the F-16 bulbs. That’s where the next issue came along, Auxbeam were open to taking it back but since I was in India courier and delivery from my end was a complicated process and then to my surprise Auxbeam was very kind to offer me an online credit for the F-16 light bulbs considering my special case and allowed me to purchase my choice of alternative bulbs and i went ahead and bought the S3 series bulbs. It all worked out just fine, just that I had to pay for delivery and import tax a second time for the same product type, but I was happy to overlook that aspect after installing the bulbs which worked better than I expected having clear bright white light with no dark spots, just perfect. Now with my S3 series bulbs and C3 series light bar installed I feel very confident and re-assured of the fact that I have clear bright lights in my car with which no road or place is beyond my reach.

At the end of my experience I have only one request and suggestion for Auxbeam, if possible please make custom built complete headlight solutions for small cars and sedans which can be retro fitted as per car make and model. I believe doing so would considerably increase Auxbeams customer outreach with added list of products in its portfolio.

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