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Auxbeam F-16 Series LED Light Review
This article is written by our reviewer–dial2fast. The Auxbeam F-16 Series LED headlight is a great conversion kit for those of you who want to convert your halogen headlight to LED. They have bulb sizes for headlight, high beam, DRL, or fog light. The build quality is excellent with... Read more
Auxbeam Cross-Series 22″ 120W Straight Combo Beam LED light bar Review!
This blog is written by our reviewer–Jeep Family. Recently, we received a package from the awesome guys and gals over at Auxbeam! In this package came their Cross-Series 22″ 120W Straight Combo Beam LED light bar! In today’s post, we are going to be reviewing it. So, first off... Read more
How to Install LED Light Bar on Tractors
This blog is written by our reviewer–iowadairyboys When I saw the “Auxbeam 5D 42 inch curved light bar” for the first time, I thought this light bar would be a great solution for our old John Deere tractors. This light bar is made of fisheye lens which is really... Read more
Step-By-Step How To Install Off Road LED Lights On Your Jeep or Truck
This is a guest post by 4×4 LED Lighting. The following guide outlines the basic steps you should follow when attempting to install your new offroad LED lights. Remember, there is no absolute perfect way of doing this but take your time and everything should go smoothly. Deciding Where to... Read more
AUXBEAM X Series LED Light Bars on 2016 Polaris Ranger 900
Reasons why I like the X Series light bars: Daytime running light integrated into the light bar Customizable with colored filters (Make the light your own and change it easily) Good Quality affordable lights Multiple mounting options   42″ X Series Curved Light Bar Install on a 2016 Polaris... Read more
Stock-to-LED JK Lighting Conversion
                                                                                            Tom Delaney How... Read more
Led Light Bar For Jeep Wrangler
Brandon Richardson   Jeepers alike, living by the creed “beat not babied” we expect our parts to be long lasting and able to handle whatever situation we put ourselves into.   Whether its 4  watery feet of creek bed, the slippery mud of our Mississippi soil or, hard rock... Read more
Led Light Bar For Honda TRX400EX
Auxbeam has surprised me. I never would have believe that a cheap led light bar would survive the abuse I put it though this winter. Me, being a broke college student who travels a lot needed something to help me out as my stock headlights weren’t cutting it. So... Read more
Led Light Bar For Ford Escort
Alexzander Schmidt Ford zx2 and led  light bar? That is not something you will see every day. However after nearly losing my car last November when a Deer come out of nowhere I needed something to light up the backroads of Wisconsin. That is when this crazy combination came... Read more