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Nowadays, as more and more offroad lovers like to drive their offroads around, many of them choose to install LED Light Bars. However, some... Common Problems Happen to LED Light Bars

Nowadays, as more and more offroad lovers like to drive their offroads around, many of them choose to install LED Light Bars. However, some may hesitate while they think that install LED light bars on their offroads would generate some problems because they have seen someone complaining about on forum or other places. Here, I want to share with your some main problems that may happen to LED light bars but you can solve them yourselves.

Problem: My light bar gets water in it and gets moisture.

I remember in my previous blogs, I have written a blog teaching you how to figure out whether the light bar becomes moisture or gets watering for fog lights. In fact, LED light bars are also the same. When it gets moistures, you can just turn it on several times a day to dry the light. For the light bar watering, you need to check whether its housing is broken or the light bar may be a poorly assembled one. While you buy a light bar, you’d better check the quality first then the price. Or the loss might outweigh the gains.


light bar moisture

Problem: My light bar light up not as bright as it used to be.

That the light bar gives out dim lights can be an easy problem to solve. It is actually a sign for the panel that dim light means there is not getting enough power. It may relate to the improper connections. Checking all the wirings and connections to see whether any of them are frayed or loose. If do, change the wiring harness. Also, you need to check the toggle switch to see if there is a slacking connection.


LED light bar

Problem: The light bar installing on the upper windshield rattles loudly when driving around.

If you hear a loud noise on the top while driving, you need to check the light bar to see whether the installation is loose. If the panels break away from the casing, the light bar may fall down and make a lot of noise. In fact, in some certain, install LED light bar on the windshield would generate some kind of noise due to the windage. Now, more and more LED lighting manufacturers decide to make new types of light bars that can decrease the windage.


LED light bar

You can get familiar by using the most common problems of your own LED light bar. Thus, you can get make the necessary adjustments in a short time. This means less time fixing your equipment but more time playing and enjoy off-road routes that you love.

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